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Calendar 2017-2018

September 11: Classes begin!
September 18-23: BRING A FRIEND WEEK! (“friend” waiver form)
October 1: Tuition and competitive Company costume deposits due 
October 23-28 & 30: Halloween Dress Up Week!
October 31: No classes; HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
November 1: Tuition due
November 22-26: Closed/no classes; HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
November 27: Classes resume
December 1: Tuition due
December 1-2: Company Extra Rehearsal
December 24-January 3: /Closed/no classes; HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 
January 4, 2018: Classes resume and tuition due
January 27: Company Dress Rehearsal
February 1: Tuition due
February 2-4: League of Champions dance competition (Competitive Company)
February 18-25 : Closed/no classes; MID-WINTER BREAK!
February 26: Classes resume
March 1: Tuition due
March 12: FREE WERQ trial class! RSVP, space is limited!
April 1: Tuition due
April 1-8: Closed/no classes; SPRING BREAK!
April 9: Classes resume
April 20-22: Bravo dance competition (Competitive Company)
April 30: Tuition due/Competitive Company recital tickets go on sale, 9:00am @ (need pre-sale code from Gina)
May 4-6: Groove dance competition (Competitive Company)
May 7: Recital tickets go on sale, 9:00am @
May 18-19: Picture Weekend (all photos taken this weekend – no photos taken at Dress Rehearsal anymore) 
May 20: Founder’s Day, Wixom (Neu Wixom Competitive Dance Company performs 1pm)
May 25-28: Closed/no classes; HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!
June 1: Final tuition payment due
June 6: Last day of classes
June 8: Mandatory Dress Rehearsal
June 9: Recital (Lakeland High School)
June 12: Competitive Company Banquet 
June 18: Tentative Competitive Dance Company auditions (evening)
Summer dance camps 2018 will be updated soon!
Neu Wixom Dance Academy offers classes for pre-school to adult dance!
Pre-school age dance for ages 2-4 and elementary, middle and high school age dance for ages 5 & up.  
Adult dance classes include adult Ballet, adult Hip Hop, adult Tap, adult Yoga and adult WERQ.