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Core Values

  • Integrity and Ethics The academy’s personality will be known for its respectable reputation including its honesty, open dialogue among instructors, students and parents, and the nurturing of every students’ unique needs.  The academy should be a place where each student feels safe and accepted.
  • Personal GrowthEvery student at the academy will be encouraged to grow to reach their fullest personal potential.  (Students will only be moved up if s(he) is ready.  Pushing a student through to the next level before s(he) is physically or mentally ready can be harmful to a growing body and it may hinder technical and stylistic growth).  The spirit of the academy will strive to be professional, yet light-hearted.  The attitude of the academy will be patient and tolerant, never judgmental.
  • Healthy Body Attitude The academy will never instill or promote the belief that a certain body-type or body-size is more acceptable than others.  This idea is absurd and detrimental to our society.  It is especially harmful to an impressionable child.  The academy will try its best to inspire each student to keep a healthy and positive attitude towards her/his body.

*We can be the best at what we do only when we feel comfortable inside of our own bodies.*

  • Positive Energy Dance instructors and employees must: a) genuinely love the art of dance, b) believe in passing on this art form, c) genuinely love and encourage children, d) want to inspire, e) and have patience to constantly adapt to the ever changing needs of the clientele.
  • Classroom Behavior Consistency, Consistency, Consistency! When appropriate discipline is required, consistency is most important when correcting behaviors individually or towards the class.  Appropriate discipline should be dealt with in a firm, yet “fun” way.  In other words, use discipline “with a smile.”   Additionally, “playing favorites” is absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  Every student has specific needs and abilities, and therefore, fairness is a must.
  • Dress CodeHaving a dress code shows an elevated level of professionalism and structure for both the academy and its students.  Uniformity helps students to focus on their dance training rather than on their clothing.  Technical corrections, body alignment and discipline are made much easier with a dress code.